After much discussion about why networking has become such a dirty word, we decided, here at Hustle+Fox, that perhaps it was just a matter of semantics; perhaps the word itself was the problem, rather than the act. You know? So, with no authority and a huge dollop of arrogance, we’re rebranding it. We’re making less scary, less corporate, less soulless. We’re calling it “chatting with purpose”.

You see, it doesn’t matter where it happens. Networking seems to have become associated with some sort of conference room in a hotel somewhere in Milton Keynes. Even if that’s NOT where you’re doing it, it still feels like you should be. It’s got a touch of desperation about it and more than a sprinkling of awkwardness (nothing against Milton Keynes obvs…well, not much).

Good news though, you don’t have to be this guy. If you delete the work ‘networking’ from your vocabulary, you’re left with what it actually is rather than what everyone feels it is. It is actually about connections, support, encouragement, team work, symbiosis, respect, creativity and motherfucking magic.

Because we all know that the magic really starts to happen when you find your people, your team, your support, your tribe, your vibe. So, ‘chatting with purpose’, ‘magic making’, ‘vibing with your tribe’…call it whatever you like (EXCEPT NETWORKING) and get out there and do it.

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