While we always try to practise what we preach, we know that we can be as bad as anyone when it comes to knowing when and how to relax. But, we racked our brains and came up with our favourite, easy ways to give our minds and our bodies a quick time out. They won’t all be for you but really, you only need to find one or two ways to rest your mind so that you can chill the fuck out and get back to your best bad ass self knowing that you’ve done a little self care…

GAYLE: ❝When I’m stressed there are some fail-safe tactics that I use to just relax. None of them are groundbreaking but they really help me when I feel a bit overwhelmed. Obviously, doing the ‘mum sweep’ helps, getting my house in order is always a good thing but also just wandering around the shops, taking a bubble bath or just sitting in front of the TV and letting myself fall into whatever reality rubbish I can find. There’s no point in trying to relax in ways that don’t come naturally to you – otherwise it’ll be like making a new year’s resolution, or joining a gym…you’ll just never do it. The important thing is to stop, often.❞

CAT: ❝I’m not great at relaxing. I’m not great at sitting still and stopping. Even when I’m watching TV I’m scrolling through my phone, answering emails etc., so I REALLY have to focus on stopping and relaxing properly. I love a bubble bath, my kindle, music, a scented candle…any or all of those things work for me. The best thing is getting out into the fresh air though, alone, and if I can motivate myself to do it then it’s a guaranteed way to stop the crazy taking over.❞

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