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So, here at Hustle+Fox we bloody love a list. In fact, we haven’t met a spreadsheet, a tick box or a highlighter strike through that we didn’t love. Sometimes, we even write things on our To Do list that we’ve already done, just so we can feel like we’re off to a flying start.

So what should your list look like?

This can be tricky to manage. We know it’s hard to gauge what’s going to sell and how much of it, but trust us, you’re going to need a shit load more stock. Seeing as Gayle is the retailing expert amongst us here, I asked her how much more stock she would normally buy for Christmas. Her reply, “A lot more.” Do what you want with that…She also suggested that you look back at your best month in the last year and see what sold well. If you’re buying stock in, don’t get carried away with Christmas-themed stuff. The last thing you want is to be stuck with stuff you can’t sell come December 26th.

If you really want to maximise the opportunity that Christmas brings you, make sure you put a strategy for your social in place. While numbers aren’t everything, if you’re a brand and your primary platform is Instagram then you want to plan a strategy that helps you grow. Don’t be frightened by the ‘strategy’ word. Basically, it means a list of shit that you’re going to post, do, get followers to do. It’s not rocket science and it doesn’t have to be set in stone, but think about things like competitions, Christmas images, countdowns, product launches…whatever you want to do, just make sure it’s planned otherwise it could die like a fart in the wind.

Again, like your social stuff, get prepared. It may seem crazy getting this all together in September, but really, any press releases for Christmas should be on their way now. Print press will already be curating gift edits so get your product to them now. A well worded email with low-res images immediately visible as soon as they open up the mail is a great way to get their attention. If you can add some copy about why your product is the dogs-bollocks at Christmas then all the better. All editors (most of them) have their email addresses listed on their website. Go and find them.

You don’t have to spend a shit load of money on a Christmas shoot. Get really creative. Head up to the attic, dust off your Christmas decorations and pick some simple pieces that you can easily use to create some festive images. Don’t got OTT and even if you only use them on your Instagram, it’s a great way to get into people’s brains and get them thinking about Christmas….and more importantly, buying your stuff at Christmas. For example, we recently did a shoot with a client and against a white background we added star-shaped copper cookie cutters. So simple, and so Christmas.

As mentioned before, you don’t want to stuff your store with novelty Christmas sweaters, but you can look at your stock collection and see what you can transform into something more seasonal. Also, there are seasonal products that will feel  oh-so-festive in the context of the Christmas crazy, but can also stand on their own come December 26th. Consider deals such as free P&P on all orders before December 15th. Or free gift card/wrapping on orders before…you get the picture. Don’t discount before Christmas.

Make life as easy as possible for your customers. If it’s relevant to your business, set up a menu tab especially for STOCKING FILLERS. Shove your low-cost, gift type products in there. It’s a well known fact that people get carried away with small, low-price-point items at Christmas. Make it easy for them to do so…it make sound cold but it’s the way it works and if you don’t do it, someone else is going to.

It’s worth adding gift services to your options. This could be gift wrapping, a lovely card or the chance to buy a gift voucher. Remember, gift vouchers are a great way to go at Christmas, especially if you have a product that has a high price-point. It makes your product affordable for everyone.

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