Look, it’s quite simple really. Either you spend the day selling yourself a positive story, or you spend the day selling yourself a shit show. It’s a choice we all have and whatever you choose to do, it’s really effective way of defining your day and your mood. All we’re saying is, don’t choose the shit show.

Of course it isn’t just about you. For better or for worse, most of us have to interact with other people throughout the day. Some of these will be employees, colleagues, friends and family. It doesn’t really matter, but they also have the power to bring you down but, here’s the thing, you have to let them. If you give them the power they’ll suck the life blood from you. There’s only one thing to do with these people.

The thing is, whatever the reason for your downer, it’s really destructive. Focussing on the negative shit may seem like a really attractive option. Anger is easy. Resentment is easy. Wallowing is easy and really, really comfortable. It’s like wearing a pair of elastic pants after a Sunday roast. You know it’s wrong, but you’re already so far down the road of overeating that you may as well get stuck in, right? Wrong. Stay away from the stretchy, angry pants. You’ll only feel like shit later.

On the other hand, while embracing the sunnier side of stuff, is perhaps not as easy, or as natural, it’s just as infectious when you commit to it. Like the old saying goes, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’ll always be right.” It’s easy. Someone screws you over? Choose to be better not bitter.

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