We’ve met with so many amazing brands since our inception and there is one worry that most of them have.

‘We know it isn’t the coolest thing out there but…’

If this sounds familiar…stop right there. What the flying bananas IS cool anyway? Who decides? We’re all held hostage to Instagram where we see perfectly edited and achingly cool versions of people’s life and their products. It’s all part of the story and boy, do they do it well. But you know what? Whether something sells or not doesn’t depend on whether it’s cool. It depends on whether someone wants to buy it. Tampax isn’t cool but we buy the stuff by the bucket load. Crocs DEFINITELY aren’t cool, but people are buying them and buying them and, amazingly, buying them.

You know what is cool? Making money. If you’re worried that you’re product isn’t cool but it’s selling and making you a profit then, let us reassure you, that’s cool. Really fucking cool.

So, if anyone disses your profitable product for not being ‘very cool’, or sneers a little bit because it isn’t very ‘east London’ or dares to suggest that your brand’s a bit dorky…laugh in their face and keep laughing all the way to the bank.


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